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Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare Security Ltd’s Services
Q.  What is Social Health Insurance?
A.        Social Health Insurance is a social security system, which guarantees the provision of a benefit package of healthcare services paid from funds created by pooling the contributions of participants.

Q. Can my dependants and l attend another hospital on the network in addition to the one we are registered with?
A.               You have the choice of picking one hospital from the Health Care Security Limited (HCSL) network which will always handle your healthcare needs. If, however you become dissatisfied with your selected provider, you can change your provider with approval obtained from Health Care Security Limited.

Q What happens during acute emergencies far away from my provider?
A.            Real emergency care can be obtained in any nearby hospital preferably on the nationwide network of Health Care Security Limited Providers. All you need do is place a call to any of the call centre numbers at the back of your ID card for authorisation.

Q What happens during emergencies in a town where there is no Health Care security Partner Facility?
A.          Healthcare can be obtained in hospitals other than Health Care Security Network of Provider hospitals during emergency situations in an area where there is no Health Care Security Limited Provider hospital, but, it should be strictly for out-of-station situations.  Cost incurred in our non-provider hospital will be reimbursed after confirmation that payment was for emergency treatment only.

Q  What happens about the payment of my hospital bills?
A.         The cost of treatment is covered by the capitation paid to your chosen provider by Health Care Security Limited; and for referred cases by fee-for-service

Q  Am I covered for specialist services?
A.           Yes, but, the extent of cover will depend on the Healthcare Plan you have paid for.

Q  What are exclusions?
A.         Since covered services are determined based on the amount of premium paid, exclusions are defined services not covered under the premium based – health plans.  However, special arrangement can be made to cover any of these services at additional cost.
The Exclusions
1. Expensive and High Technology Investigations, e.g. MRI, Myelogram, EEG, etc.
2. Investigations and treatment of infertility
3. Drug abuse/Addiction
4. Specific HIV/AIDS treatment
5. Medical appliances, e.g.  Orthopedic implants, hearing aids, cardiac pacemaker etc.
6. Chronic renal failure with dialysis
7. X-ray treatment (Radiotherapy)
8. Special - order optical lenses/frames
9. High cost dental filling and orthodontic treatment
10. Transplant and cosmetic surgeries
11. Induced Abortion
12. Heart  surgery, Neurosurgery and laminectomy
13. Overseas treatment
14. Embalmment and autopsies.

Q  Are there any limits on the quantum of healthcare services I can receive in one year?
A.       Yes, depending on your plan, there is a limit of liability which is a monetized value of the total healthcare services that can be provided for any one beneficiary in a year.  In other words, your limit of liability will depend on the Health Care Security Health Plans you have purchased.

Q  Am I covered outside Nigeria?
A.     The standard subscription does not cover your treatment outside the country although special arrangement can be made at an agreed cost.

Q What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the services of my provider?
A.         Contact Health Care Security Limited through any of our call centre lines.

Q What should I do in case of additional dependants?
A.      As the principal, you should download additional dependants form from our website; www.hcsl.com.ng, fill it, scan the filled copy and send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and you will be advised on what next to do

Q   If I am living apart from my family how would I and my family access healthcare?
A.        There is provision on the registration form for alternate primary provider in the case of participants that live apart from their families, that is, different state or city.

Q   What happens if life is lost through the negligence of a provider?
A.       Arbitration Boards will be set up to address cases where parties are aggrieved.  In addition, aggrieved party can seek redress in a court of law if he/she suffers injury/loss as a result of the provider’s professional negligence.

Q  If I am not satisfied with the services of the provider who do I complain to?
A.         You can lodge complaints with nearest Health Care Security Limited office. Alternatively, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and make sure COMPLAINT is boldly stated in the title of the mail so it can be treated with utmost urgency.  If not resolved, you can download change of provider form from our website; www.hcsl.com.ng, fill it and send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Q  How do I change my provider in case of transfer to another town?
A.        There is a comprehensive list of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) accredited providers on our website from which you can choose for change to be effected by Health Care Security Limited (HCSL).

Q  Supposing I prefer a provider outside NHIS List of providers?    
A.       The beneficiary is only allowed to patronize NHIS-accredited providers to ensure high standard health care delivery within the scheme..

Q  What do I do if prescribed drugs are out of stock?
A.        Your provider can procure the drugs from the pharmacy and forward the bill to us after contacting us for necessary code. In the alternative, you buy the drug with the prescription from the provider and get refund with an application addressed to the MD, Health Care Security Ltd., Abuja.

Q    What happens to my contributions if my family members and I do not access care over a long period of time?
A.        Payment to the primary provider is by capitation and that means that a certain amount is paid to your primary provider monthly/quarterly or half yearly in advance whether you utilize its services or not.  Secondly, as it is stated in the operational guidelines, the healthy subsidize for the sick, hence the necessary pool of funds is created.  It will therefore not be possible to refund payments to the contributors.

Q   Is there a limitation to the medical bills that HCSL will pay?
A.          No limit, as long as the care is within the provision of the benefit package.

Q  Of what advantage is the program to me?
A.         Beneficiaries do not need cash to access treatment when required.  Thus problem of converting assets to cash especially in catastrophic illnesses can be avoided.  Furthermore, the benefit package is among the most comprehensive in the world.

Q  If I am single, can my relatives benefit from my contributions?
A.         No.

Q.   Can my child above 18 years benefit from my contribution?
A.         No.  However students in tertiary institutions can be covered under the Tertiary institution or voluntary participants Social Health Insurance Program.  Children above 18 years of age that are not in Tertiary institutions can be covered as extra dependants.

Q.  Any special arrangement for contributors having more than one wife and four children?
A.         Any member of the family outside the allowable six, a principal, spouse, and four (4) biological children 18 years and below can be registered as extra dependant.

Q.  What is the waiting period before accessing care?
A.          We allow three month grace period to enable us contact the provider of your choice and other administrative processes.

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